Our approach



Our Values are at the heart of every aspect of our business. It lives within every meeting and presentation, both internally and with our clients and candidates.

Our recruitment processes ensure we gain a detailed understanding of client objectives, position requirements and organisational culture.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Local and regional candidate attraction
  • Telephone and interview screening
  • Skill and psychometric assessments
  • Verification of work status, qualifications and licenses
  • Reference checks
  • Post placement follow-up

Our Recruitment Methodology
We supply only the most qualified candidates and resources once we have taken the time to get to know your business. Equipped with an understanding of IT, engineering  and specialising in IT resources, our consultants draw on a virtual bench of candidates known for their high level of performance to ensure a perfect match for your business.

Professional Business and Social Networks
We have developed an outstanding professional network integrating with the top Online Business Networking Systems. Get2Talent recruitment sources the rarest diverse and most highly sought-after professionals for your company. These are the type of individuals who have never needed to send their CV’s to a recruitment company before.

Search Framework
We have developed our own search framework that combines all of the latest auto-indexing, keyword and smart search systems. We are able to conduct a candidate search quickly and anywhere with an internet connection.

Referral System
We believe in rewarding the people we work with. We maintain an active referral scheme that’s linked to our Online Business Networking System. This allows us to pro-actively introduce highly recommended candidates to our clients.


           Our mission



Our goal is to better the recruitment industry and offer a superior service focused on people. We seek to create meaningful careers and successful teams, matching quality people to their dream careers. That way, we can change lives and help to turn dreams into reality






Dreams are best achieved through togetherness and this way the impossible becomes possible.We aim for the stars. We've got high standards. We strive to do our best and be our best at all times.



Make impact



We're a force for good. We believe in making the world a better place to work and live in. We believe that when people bring their whole selves, they bring their best selves.






We embody the irrefutable truth that humans are equal and amazing; here, creativity and learning thrive. We find the fun in adversity. We know that challenges aren't here to destroy us, they're here to improve us and help us grow.