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Get2Talent is a Diversity and Inclusion recruitment company focused on providing a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment and Talent acquisition services to our clients by promoting and driving diversity within our client's workforce, ensuring everyone gets an equal opportunity to succeed. We actively support and encourage our clients to build diverse organisations, where there is a true culture of inclusion. Our clients can expect us to address their diversity needs, integrating rigor into every recruitment process and tailoring our services to provide an array of candidates suitably qualified for the role both in terms of aptitude, experience and cultural fit.

With gender equality, diversity and inclusion being a top conversation in the information technology sector, we take the role we play in helping to achieve diversity in IT seriously, removing bias from the recruitment process thereby assisting our clients to source the right fit for the role, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Our teams work cohesively to tap into our diverse network, enabling us to maximise candidate reach, sourcing the most suitably qualified candidates to provide an excellent service.

Diversity and inclusion opens business up to new markets

When you introduce people into your teams with different social,geographical and cultural backgrounds, you instantly get a new knowledge base for potential new markets. hiring a more diverse team will give you the core skills you need to push your business forward.

Having multiple nationalities and
cultural backgrounds within your business can make it more appealing, modern and relatable to
the outside world.

Diversity in the workplace promotes innovation

It is evident that diversity in the workplace creates more innovative business outputs. By bouncing
ideas off each other, a diverse team can generate more creative, innovative ideas. Skills diversity also comes into play here. Good diversity management is key to future business success. People who come from different backgrounds can add new experiences, talent, and skills into your team — all of which improve company performance.

Valuing diversity improves your brand reputation

With many companies now having to publicly disclose their gender pay gap data, and the drive for more inclusive workplaces increasing, introducing diversity drives into hiring decisions can
improve your chances of acquiring the best staff. If you have proven success in hiring diverse candidates into senior roles, it can have a visual impact on those checking your company out
before choosing to apply for a job.

We Firmly Believe That What Makes us Different Also Makes us Stronger

It is critical to our success to foster a diverse workforce that not only reflects the communities where we do business, but also encourages a variety of thoughts, opinions and ideas. Each of us is unique and our candidates represent a diverse team of industry veterans, seasoned professionals and intellects with fresh ideas and different perspectives.

We all work to ensure our clients workplace is free from discrimination and intolerance. We celebrate the diverse talent and skills of these our client's workforce, provide equal access to growth and advancement, and treat everyone with respect. Our philosophy of inclusion influences how we relate to each other, how we manage our company and how we serve our candidates and clients. 

Organisations that embrace diversity-hiring benefit from a larger talent pool than those who don’t. Their vacancies will gain interest from a wider range of candidates. This is because more people can relate to people from different backgrounds. Using diversity to create pools of talent that can drive the business forward, employees who feel that they’re accepted and appreciated for who they are no matter what their gender, age or ethnic background are happier. And the happy staff are more productive and less likely to leave prematurely.

The combination of different experiences, working styles, and cultural backgrounds sparks new ideas and collaboration. This seems obvious and is similar to why diversity-hiring leads to a larger talent pool. If your brand is known for its diversity, it will appeal to many different customers, candidates and potential business partners. And as such, hiring for diversity will help you better understand your customers’ needs. The more diverse your workforce is, the greater the chances are that your employees will be able to cater to individual customer needs.


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